Thursday, August 30, 2012

2 - Interior work taking place at Bank Street Brewhouse.

The pipes form a separation between the bar area, which is restricted to those over 21 years of age, and the all-ages area in the remainder of the WCTU Reading Room. Lloyd's Landing also will function as an all-ages area.

In the second photo, the pipes will angle toward the door, enabling its continued use for customers of all ages. Once approved, the back bar build-out can continue, with taps re-installed and other necessary shelves and items added. When the weather is appropriate and the garage doors open into Lloyd's Landing, you'll be able to walk in and out, and go to the bar to get beers.

Other work to be finished soon includes a new roof for this space, and a floor sealing. There'll be new tables and chairs, with the picnic tables weatherized and moved outside to Lloyd's Landing.

Given the quality of Chef Matt's menu and the smallness of the Bank Street Brewhouse kitchen, it will continue to be the case that food can be served only to those seated in the current dining room and the Taxpayers Memorial Patio on the Bank Street side. There'll be a hostessing system of some sort to guide diners to their tables. By the summer of 2013, once air conditioning is installed, we'll be able to use the WCTU Reading Room for tastings and events, as well as for beer dinners and functions specifically catered in advance.

Smoking will be allowed ONLY in the Lloyd's Landing garden area. Accordingly, we'll create a roofed area with benches.

The most important aspect of these improvements is the very first one: Approval by the state's regulatory authorities. Once that's done, the rest of it will fall into place.

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