Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Kind words about Bank Street Brewhouse's Sunday brunch.

I'm the Publican, and I support this message. It was written by Shane Campbell, and appeared at the Louisville Restaurants Forum. Kudos to the staff, cast and crew at BSB.


We had out of town friends of friends in for the weekend to celebrate a 40th birthday. As we were wrapping up the party last night we wondered where to go for brunch. That's easy! Bank Street Brewhouse. Brunch at BSB is great in so many ways.

First every great brunch must have a great Bloody Mary and the lovely Sarah expertly helms ten odd feet of Bloody Mary bar. Bloody Marys at the BSB are made with interesting small batch vodkas and it's a pleasure to interact with Sarah while she creates your drink. As a regular I can tell you that Sarah's expertise at making your drink is only exceeded by her talent at story telling. If you hang around the bar till the crowd clears out you just might get to hear one.

Of course there is fantastic beer! The BSB is my favorite place to drink beer. This is not because they have the largest selection of beer in town. That would be found a few miles away at the NABC Pizzeria. No, it's because the beer here is always interesting, super fresh, and I can count on their being a core of favorites with exciting new beers nearly every week. This morning I had a couple of pints of Weefoot. Weefoot is described as a dry session stout. The board says it was 48IBUs which I believe is fairly bitter for a stout but it was nicely balanced by a malty base and a measure of sour thrown in at the end. Complex but not at all heavy, this beer was perfect with my breakfast. Which brings me to the food.

Brunch at BSB on the first Sunday of the month means Chef Matt Weirich's prime rib and omelet station. This is a closeup experience and on first sight elicits oohs and aahs.

Chef sets up right in the dinning room and with a couple of gas burners puts together omelet art with beautifully fresh ingredients. He pairs this with generous slices of prime rib that has the best flavor I've ever had. I asked Chef what the flavors in the meat were due to. He smiled and gave me a run down that I'm sure any chef or even experienced cook would have appreciated but it was way over my head. I heard salt, pepper, and lots of Dijon mustard and olive oil. It was delicious!

I was the only one who selected this option today and believe me I was soaking up a lot of food envy at my end of the table of ten. I shared the prime rib and each person said that they would be getting this next time. Ha! They'll have a month to wait! I told Chef that I thought he should put the prime rib on the regular menu.

As we were waiting for our checks several people asked me the price for omelet and prime rib. I hadn't even asked and we all started guessing what it would be. No one guessed $15. Cheers!

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