Thursday, August 30, 2012

1 - Exterior work taking place at Bank Street Brewhouse.

The street-side stone block wall on the south side of the Taxpayers Memorial Patio has been extended to enclose it on three sides, which (finally) will convince walkers to remain on the sidewalk, and not cut through. Because the closest garage door, when opened, must include a "separation" between the all-ages patio and the +21 years of age bar space, there soon will be a wooden counter top installed in place of the rope.

Since I took these photos, the wooden fencing and gates have been completed. Once approved, we'll be able to open the garage doors on the north side of the WCTU Reading Room and be as one with Lloyd's Landing. It is unclear whether public access will be allowed through the front gate, but this will be resolved quite soon.

You'll notice that the hedgerow and tree are gone. I hate cutting down trees, but this one was terminally ill. The entire northern expanse of Lloyd's Landing along the concrete retaining wall now holds the possibility of growing ornamental (perhaps even usable) hops on trellises, which can be anchored to the wooden fencing.

This and other landscaping embellishments will take some time to achieve, as will removing portions of the pavement and replacing them with permeable surface. The plan is to use Lloyd's Landing as much as possible in the interim, and design the specifics as we go forward.

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