Friday, March 18, 2011

It's almost here: C2 beer dinner at Eiderdown (Wed., March 23).

After waiting seemingly forever for a taste of C2, the product of last year's collaboration between brewers from New Albanian, O’Fallon and Schlafly, there have been several chances since January to nip at this once in a lifetime treat -- Smoked Belgian Dark Strong, aged in Port and Cabernet barrels, and infused with figs.

But only now comes the beer dinner, to be held this coming Wednesday, March 23, at Eiderdown (983 Goss Ave., Louisville, KY 40217). The four courses will feature kitchen collaborations between the chefs from Eiderdown and NABC, and the price will be in the range of $44 per person.

Note that you'll be getting meal-sized, 11-oz portions of the four beers served:

Schlafly Kolsch
Smoked Duck + Mushrooms + Tomme Crepe

O’Fallon Black Hemp
Seared Skate + Fennel, Basil, Spinach & Hazelnut Browned Butter

Roasted Fiedler Farms Pork Shoulder + Blue Cheese Biscuit & Green Peppercorn

NABC Thunderfoot
Chocolate + Duchesse de Bourgogne Ice Cream

I'll be there. Call 290-2390 to reserve.

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