Thursday, March 03, 2011

Founders Brewing's John Host is coming to Gravity Head on Friday, March 11.

Mark your calendars, because John Host of Founders Brewing Company will be in the house on Friday evening, March 11, and a wave of Founders ales for Gravity Head will be here to greet him. John will be accompanying the merry crew from Cavalier Distributing, and we're looking forward to a fun and educational drinking evening.

The following listed Gravity Head selections from Founders will be on tap for the occasion. Recalling that nine beers from Three Floyds opened Gravity Head on February 25, it seems appropriate that eight from Founders will kick off the symbolic "second half." Note that the numbers denote BJCP style categories.

22C Founders Backwoods Bastard 9.2%
22C Founders Black Biscuit 10.5%
13F Founders Breakfast Stout (2009) 8.3%
14C Founders Devil Dancer Triple IPA 12%
14C Founders Double Trouble IPA 9.4%
22C Founders KBS Kentucky Breakfast Stout 2010 11.2%

13F Founders Imperial Stout (10.5%), a bonus unlisted Gravity Head selection, and 22C Founders Newaygo County Cherry (7%), a barrel-aged version of Founders Cerise, which normally would land at 20 (Fruit Beer).


Jeremy said...

Roger, do you know what time John and the Cav peeps will arrive?

The New Albanian said...

The current plan is for them to meet at Bank Street first, circa 5 pm, for a look-see, then commute to the Pub for revelry there.

The New Albanian said...
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