Saturday, March 12, 2011

Readers: Who'd like a bar?

Have a look at these photos, and then I'll explain.

My father hand-built this bar circa 1970 from bits and pieces of wood left over from the construction of our house in Georgetown. It formed the centerpiece of his basement lounge, which these days would be called a man cave. After he died, most of his barroom furnishings were brought to my current home in New Albany. At first, the bar was brought to the back room of Prost, at the Pizzeria & Pub. As remodeling progressed there, it became redundant, was reloaded onto the pickup, and pointed toward Spring Street.

The bar was very barely squeezed through the back door on the ground floor, and while we have plenty of square footage in the house as a whole, there really isn't a place to permanently put it. It's a tough decision to make, but we need the space where the bar now stands, and about the only alternative a see is putting it up for adoption.

No charge; just haul it away (stools included) and promise me it will be put to good use, and I'm fine with it. I'll even clean out the junk currently stuffed into it. My e-mail's in the profile. Thanks.

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