Friday, March 25, 2011

Enthused recap: C2 Beer Dinner at the Eiderdown.

The Eiderdown's C2 beer dinner was held on Wednesday evening, with a collaborative menu created by Chefs Morgan and Lehman, and matched beers from the three collaborating breweries. Here's a brief recap from a satisfied customer -- me.

Schlafly's wide-ranging Scott Shreffler introduced his brewery's gently fruity Kolsch, which was paired with Smoked Duck + Mushrooms + Tomme Crepe. Ideal.

O’Fallon Black Hemp Ale was the choice to accompany Seared Skate + Fennel, Basil, Spinach & Hazelnut Browned Butter. The ale might be described as an almost black American Brown, with a hint of characteristically nutty hemp. And to think skate used to be considered a garbage fish!

The undisputed highlight of the evening, and a flavor combination that I can still savor in my memory a full two days later, was Roasted Fiedler Farms Pork Shoulder + Blue Cheese Biscuit & Green Peppercorn, with a huge goblet of C2. The pork was marinated in red wine, and the ale in wine barrels. Words fail me on this one, except to add that if there has ever been a textbook example of the merits of pairing upper echelon food with top shelf craft beer, this was it.

For dessert, we enjoyed NABC Thunderfoot alongside Chocolate + Duchesse de Bourgogne Ice Cream. The trencherman's glow was much deserved by this point.

Hats off to Scott and Jared Williamson for introducing the beers, to the chefs and kitchen staff for the exquisite cuisine, and to James and the Eiderdown/Nachbar experience for carrying the banner of food and beer in Germantown.

If you couldn't tell by my gushing ... it was a very good evening.

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