Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Resting today.

First, a very fast Gravity Head XIII.5 lineupdate: 3F Behemoth and Dogfish 120 Minute gone, special bonus Sierra Nevada Hoptimum and listed BBC Chocolate Wheatwine on.

Yesterday NABC bottled its first round of Elector. Thanks to everyone who came and helped. The case total for the first day was 74 (12 x 22 oz), which David Pierce says isn't bad for a bunch of first-timers. My knees and back agree with this assessment. Office Hours Barleywines last night helped ease the pain.

I'm announcing this first bottling run because I'm proud to get the ball rolling. Please do NOT ask me when they'll be appearing on store shelves. Just give us a few days to formulate a strategy.

Thanks for your patience!


Van 1- Hall said...

I was under the impression you all would peddle them out of the trunks of your vehicles.

Congrats and glad you guys got the bottle rolling.

The New Albanian said...

We're not saying we won't -- I saw it done from the trunks of taxi cabs in Moscow back in the 80's.

Isn't self-distribution in the Hoosier state great (might be the only thing)?