Tuesday, March 22, 2011

League Stadium in Huntingburg: Rockford Peaches, meet Dubois County Bombers.

Why does a town like Huntingburg have a cozy retro ballpark like League Stadium? The inscription near the main entrance tells the story. Currently the stadium is home to the Dubois County Bombers, a college-aged summer league team.

The underside of the oldest, original section of the 1894 grandstand is pictured here:

League Stadium is situated on the edge of town, amid parkland. Here's the view toward left field. For the movie, old-fashioned outfield fence billboards were imaginatively conjured. 20 years later, several of them remain in place.

Remember the dugout on the third base line? It's where the "no crying in baseball" scene took place.

Here's the view down the right field side. The molded plastic seats closest to the field were acquired when Atlanta's Fulton County Stadium was demolished. For Bombers home games, they're the priciest seats, at $6 and $7 dollars. Bleacher seats cost only $5.

The picnic and concessions area on the left field side shows great potential for craft beer sales, don't you think?

The press box's "Rockford Peaches" reference reminds onlookers that League Stadium played a significant role in American cinematic lore. I think that NABC's Tafelbier model wearing a Peaches uniform would look mighty fine.

Okay, so when the deal's done and the press release is ready, we'll announce it over the public address system. Until then, and as you may have already guessed ...

... NABC hopes to have draft beer in League Stadium this June and July for Dubois County Bombers home games.

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johnking said...

play ball! Can you send some up to Wrigley on Opening Day Weekend while I'm up there?