Sunday, March 07, 2010

What’s up at NABC’s Grant Line brewing facility?

I've compiled and culled from Jared's dispatches at the front line.


At the Bank Street Brewhouse in downtown New Albany, NABC’s David Pierce and Jesse Williams are busily brewing brands for distribution, leaving Jared Williamson to man the kit at the original Pizzeria & Public House and create seasonals and specialties for on-premise consumption.

He's done some wonderful things, and continues to think far outside the Bud.

Recently Jared formulated the fourth in NABC’s rotating seasonal series of historical Revive-Ales: Hop-O. The others are Old Lightning Rod (Colonial Ale with molasses), Kaiser 2nd Reising (pre-Prohibition Pilsner) and Phoenix Kentucky Komon (Louisville-style, sour mash Common).

Hop-O was a cereal beverage of less than 1% abv produced by the Southern Indiana Brewing Company during the early years of Prohibition, except that the brewery subsequently was raided, shut down and the owner arrested in 1921 after federal agents determined the alcohol content to be well above 3%.

Deploying NABC’s lager yeast, Jared is brewing Hop-O to be top-heavy in adjuncts (oats, wheat, rye, corn syrup or maize, and a splash of honey malt) and will use whole leaf hops for moderate bitterness and ample aromatics.

Jared’s Hop-O will be ready for serving in mid-April. Also pouring in April will be single-hop Centennial and
Amarillo American Pale Ales, and a new round of Hoosier Daddy.


The next NABC/Schlafly/O'Fallon collaboration, C2, is to be brewed at NABC’s founding brewhouse during the week of March 22nd. The recipe is under discussion, and reputedly will have a Belgian orientation. Stay tuned for more details as the date draws near. Meanwhile, the brewing date for C3 has been set for some time in May at O’Fallon’, and a summertime release.

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