Tuesday, March 09, 2010

No St. Patrick's Day Parade for NABC this year.

Too much has been made of this already, but in the interest of keeping the rumor mill somewhat subdued as the news media continues to contact me, permit me to echo and clarify what was written earlier at Facebook:

NABC, which has been instrumental in helping to organize the forthcoming Celtic Fest on New Albany’s riverfront (Saturday, June 12, 2010), and which participated in the past two St. Patrick’s Day parades in Louisville without incident, completely accepts that the Ancient Order of Hibernians and its President, Mark Wakefield, can run its annual parade as it sees fit.

Accordingly, we learned on Tuesday morning that we cannot participate this year. Ostensibly, this is because BBC (Main & Clay) is the sole beer sponsor of the parade – even though BBC approved of our presence!

Truthfully, this is a “Que sera, sera” sort of development. To paraphrase former Beatle and the late George Harrison, “We’ll play what they want, or we won't play at all.”

We are serene about it, and the very last thing I want to see happen is some ridiculous inference about BBC this, Hibernians that, or whatever makes the rounds. NABC’s last-minute exclusion from this year’s parade obviously owes to internal Hibernian matters that we, as Hoosier outsiders, are in no position to fathom, and so be it.

Surely at times our Southern Indiana politics are indecipherably Byzantine to Louisvillians, as is the case at each bimonthly New Albany city council meeting.

Forget St. Paddy’s, and remember to put June 12 on your calendars. The second annual Celtic Fest promises to be a great musical party day in NA, and we promise that members of the Hibernians are welcome to come drink, eat and play in our sandbox! Our big tent will be open for business.

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The Homeroaster said...

Clearly you've taken the high road in this matter, and it is refreshing. You've strongly made your point in a genteel, but still powerful post. Many in our generation (myself included once in a WTF while), seem to think that a viscious attack is always preferable to a warning shot over the bow.