Saturday, March 27, 2010

R.I.P., Don Parsons.

It was only a week ago that I learned of Don Parsons' impending death. He had battled cancer to standstill the first time around, but regrettably, as so often is the case, it roared back at Don with a vengeance, and nothing could be done. Now it has claimed him. He was 56, and even a month ago, he looked at least ten years younger than that.

Don frequented the Public House on Saturday afternoons, especially when the weather was good and he could ride his motorcycle. We talked beer numerous times, and as a homebrewer, Don truly "got it." He was a regular at BBC in St. Matthews, and was referred to there as Dart Don.

Last week, aware that the end was near, he donated his beer bottle collection for use in Leticia Bajuyo's New Albany Bicentennial Public Art project sculpture, which will appear outside the Bank Street Brewhouse in late April.

By virtue of the collection's many shapes and sizes, not all of them can be used. However, my promise to Don is this: A part of you will be present, and as many of your bottles as possible will be in the Bicentennial sculpture, if I have to scrub the damn things myself.

Don was a friend, and a friend to beer. I'll miss him very much, and he'll not be forgotten as long as there's a New Albanian Brewing Company.

I hope he thought to pack some Weyerbacher ...

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