Monday, March 29, 2010

If you knew the late Don Parsons, read this.

The entire NABC family was saddened over the weekend to learn of the passing of Don "Dart Don" Parsons

R.I.P., Don Parsons.

On Saturday, we ensured that some of Don's beer bottles will be used in the construction of Leticia Bajuyo's sculpture for the Bicentennial Art Project. His memory will remain alive through public art dedicated to beer and brewing, and that's as fitting a eulogy as I can muster.

More importantly, I've recived a message from Don's cousin asking if I could encourage anyone/everyone who knew him to write a few words at the C-J's obituary site. There will be shown to Don's father and family.

Here's the link: Don Parsons Guest Book.

Now, go there and write!

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