Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Passing of the sales baton at NABC.

Examples of inspiration in transition include Season Four of M*A*S*H, AC-DC's Back in Black, and Rick Sutcliffe's 16-1 record down the stretch for the Cubs in 1984.

The 4077th welcomed both a new doctor and camp commander, and the series lasted three times longer than the real-life war. The rock group honored Bon Scott's passing with a classic album, and had a hit album just last year.

And, Chicago made the playoffs, even though they lost to San Diego. It is my intention to leave goat-laden curses out of this one.

Our new NABC sales rep for Louisville and Southern Indiana is Josh Hill, who has worked with us for several years, and recently has been selling NABC beers to accounts on the Indiana side of the Ohio.

We wish the best to John Campbell as he departs on a new course. John's loyalty and hard work have been instrumental in bringing us to this place. I'd make an analogy with Che leaving for Bolivia, except that he failed, and I know John won't. But if it feels like just such a chapter closing, I know that when our paths cross in the future, there'll be beers and cigars all around.

I'm confident that Josh will pick up where John left off. Overall, we at NABC are blessed to have passionate beer loving people to fight against the scourge of swill. Parting may be sweet sorrow, but partying isn't ... and the battle rages on.

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