Thursday, March 04, 2010

Schlafly's plan.

Thanks to Nick for this link. It's an uncommonly clear snapshot of Schlafly at this point in time, reaching solutions to meet greater demand while not sacrificing core principles and maintaining steady, planned growth.

Schlafly Brewery: Suds Up, from The Pitch (Kansas City Food Blog).

As St. Louis Brewery Inc. nears its 20th anniversary, the Schlafly beer brewer is finalizing agreements to start contract brewing at facilities in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, and Latrobe, Pennsylvania.

"We are committed long-term to making our beer in St. Louis, but for now we have to anticipate that we may not be able to build fast enough to meet demand," says co-founder Dan Kopman ...

... Schlafly will continue to expand in a gradual fashion. And in effort to keep customers informed about where the beer is brewed, all out-of-state bottles will be labeled as such.

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