Friday, March 05, 2010

Consider downtown New Albany tonight.

If you are reading on Friday afternoon, and were planning on coming out to the Pizzeria & Public House tonight, you cannot, because we're closed for Friday owing to a water problem in the neighborhood.

No State Police poaching at the Pizzeria & Public House tonight, because IN-AWC learned "routine" in Pyongyang.

I'd like to suggest that instead of abandoning the drive to New Albany, consider coming downtown and exploring the eateries and watering holes that have come into existence the last few years.

I say this less because our Bank Street Brewhouse is downtown, although it is, and more because perhaps not all readers have yet experienced what downtown New Albany has to offer. I'm thinking River City Winery, and Steinert's, and Wick's, and Connor's Place, and Windsor, and Studio's (all with adult beverages, and still others without for dining).

If our usual Friday night crowd at the Pizzeria & Public House came downtown and dispersed among the establishments there, not only would our regulars have a good time. They'd get a chance to see what we've all tried to achieve in the historic core of the city.

Think about it. Thanks.

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