Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Three Floyds Night at Rocky's on Wednesday, January 13.

Measure it any way you wish, but the fact remains that Three Floyds is Indiana's pre-eminent craft brewer, and none of us will be arguing the point any time soon.

In national terms, to have beers from Three Floyds mentioned in the same breath as the word "Indiana" is of inestimable value to all of us in the Hoosier State who are engaged in carving out our own little craft perimeters from the bloated carcass of industrial swill. It doesn't matter how far apart Munster is from New Albany if people say, "They make good beer in Indiana."

Thanks to Nick and the crew for that. Three Floyds was merrily innovating long before it was fashionable, and deserves all the credit for doing so. The best part of all is their integrity, and the fact that Three Floyds beers remain consistently challenging and damned tasty these many years later. I'm a blatant fan, and always will be.

Back here in the Falls Cities, it's another helpful barometer of how far we've come that Rocky's Sub Pub is staging a Three Floyds Night on Wednesday, January 13. Lincoln Anderson is coming down from the frozen north to regale attendees with information, and the list is impressive. Go here to read it and glean further information.

Unfortunately, I can't be there. The Brewers of Indiana Guild is staging a legislative reception in Indianapolis, and since we have a glimmer of hope for Sunday craft brewery carry-out sales legislation during the current session, it's a session I need to attend. If we make it back down in time, I may yet join the Three Floyds madness in Jeffersonville.

You can read the proposed addition to existing legislation here.

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