Monday, January 25, 2010

Gravity Head 2010: Updated, with NABC's contingent.

I'm guessing this will be the next-to-last Gravity Head update. Read further to learn about the final pieces of this year's puzzle.

Bell’s HopSlam
American Double/Imperial IPA … 10%

NABC V – 5th Anniversary Ale 2007
American Strong Ale … 10%

NABC Malcolm’s Old Setters’ Ale 2007
Old Ale … 12%

NABC Oaked Le Douche Mentale (firkin)
Belgian IPA … 8.5%

NABC ThunderFoot 2009
Russian Imperial Stout … 11%

I am awaiting three final updates. On the imported side of the ledger, information is on the way from B. United International. One or two surprises may reside within the communique. Meanwhile, NABC's chief collaborationist, Jared Williamson, has spoken to his brewing friends at Mattingly Brewing Company in St. Louis. And, there'll be an as-yet-unknown beer from Three Floyds Brewing Company.

Other than those, foraging is pretty much finished, and I've updated the list here:

Preview: Gravity Head 2010, beginning Friday, February 26.

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