Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"Mug Shots" today in LEO: "Beers and cigars: I say puff away," as at Steinert's tonight as Cigar Faction invades NA.

While not all intending to revisit old battlegrounds, it remains that as long as the absence of a smoking ordinance in New Albany continues to enable the proprietor's choice as it pertains to tobacco use at our food and drink establishments, there is an opportunity for those so desiring to serve as niche markets for metro Louisville cigar smokers.

We've started work on the patio at Bank Street Brewhouse to wrap it. Christo was unavailable, so we hired a contractor. Equipped with heaters, soon it will be a suitable area to enjoy a fine cigar. Of course, some pubs and restaurants still choose to allow smoking indoors.

In connection with beer, I wrote about cigars today in LEO: Mug Shots: Beers and cigars: I say puff away.

Like better beer, my cigar is a force that unites geography, history, agriculture and scientific progress, burning ever so slowly, emitting puffy smoke rings — the fruition of a long, patient process of growth, cultivation, harvesting, curing, hand rolling, packing and distribution.

Better yet, there's an opportunity tonight to patronize a downtown business, enjoy an adult beverage, and snip the end of a Dominican.

Cigar Faction - January 2010
@ Steinert’s Grill & Pub on Main Street in New Albany

Cigar Faction is looking for a places in Metro Louisville to enjoy cigars and craft beer. Steinert's Grill and Pub in downtown New Albany is one of them: Spacious, well-ventilated, a cigar-friendly staff, good food, good beer, and a well-stocked bar. NABC's Mt. Lee (California Common in the City of Angels) will be on tap, and J. Shepherd of Louisville will have cigars available for purchase with door prize drawings every half hour beginning at 6:30.

So, who's in? I should be there by 6:30 p.m., following the UEA board meeting, and am saving a wondeful Ashton for the occasion.

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