Monday, January 25, 2010

Special election tonight: NABC Hoptimus vs. Bell's HopSlam.

It's time for the special election: Vote early and often as two heavyweights, NABC Hoptimus and Bell's HopSlam go toe to toe tonight at the Pizzeria & Public House. It's simple. Try each, and vote for your favorite. Your ballot also is an entry form, and at the end of the evening, we'll draw for a $20 NABC gift card.

This year, we have only two HopSlam kegs in stock: One for tapping tonight, and one at Gravity Head 2010. How long will this one last? It's a tough call, but I'd guess perhaps three days, although it's possible that emptying comes sooner.

Note: No growlers of HopSlam! Sorry, but it's only fair. Hoptimus, on the other hand ...

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