Monday, January 04, 2010

N.A.B.cieged begins this Friday, January 8, at the Public House & Pizzeria.

In early December, the NABC brain trust (huh?) hatched a scheme variously intended to celebrate the arrival of a new year, deplete inventory prior to Gravity Head and tout the fact that our own house-brewed beers are taking an ever larger share of the beer sales at the original NABC Pizzeria & Pub even as they invade surrounding territories in Indiana and Kentucky.

Consequently, this one's about us -- our NABC beers being brewed in two New Albany locations, not the great ones from all over the planet that we continue to vend and enjoy, but the ones that we feel are the future of the business (and aesthetic) enterprise.

It's called N.A.B.cieged, and we ask the English majors among you to forgive the spelling. It's not a Black Eyed Peas contributor. The idea is to have as many as possible of our own NABC beers on tap at one time at the Pizzeria & Pub. The event will last as long as the kegs do, and then the remaining kegs from Saturnalia will be put on tap alongside the customary guest regulars and what has become a permanently expanded NABC repertoire.

Obviously, we're undertaking this at the Pizzeria & Public House because there are far fewer available taps at the Bank Street Brewhouse, where a dozen or so NABC beers are on tap all of the time, with no guests.

Here's more from David Pierce on the forthcoming spectacle. There'll be more comments from me as the week progresses, so stay tuned. And, given the amount of work required to swap all these kegs of beer around, say a silent prayer for Jared, Mike Bauman, Ben Minton and Eric Gray, who'll likely be doing the heavy lifting, literally.


Watch for this celebration of the work of our own brewers - Jesse Williams, Jared Williamson and David Pierce, Director of Brewing Operations - to begin on January 8th. Our goal is an NABC beer on every tap at the NABC Public House & Pizzeria.

Jared has been holding back some treasured kegs for this special event. The final lineup is still in the works and may include a secret cask or two.

A list of strong prospects follows:

Beak's Best
Bob's Old 15-B
Community Dark
Kaiser 2nd Reising
Mt. Lee
Tunnel Vision

Anniversary Ale V., Oak Aged, '07
Anniversary Ale VII., '09
Le Douche Mental
Elsa Von Horizon
Farmhouse Saison
Malcolm’s Old Setter's Ale, '09
Naughty Claus
Phoenix Kentucky Kommon
Solidarity '09
Sour Red
ThunderFoot '09
WeeFoot Session Stout

Dry Knobs
Nugget APA
Smoked Abzug

Artwork by Tony Beard.

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