Sunday, January 03, 2010

I didn't to to Bavaria for salad, you know.

Before and after views of a Nurnberg mixed grill of local signature sausages, ham, pork knuckle and duck, accompanied by a tureen of gravy, with potato dumpling, boiled potatoes, sauerkraut and sweet red cabbage to be pushed the other way toward my vegetarian spouse, are provided courtesy of my recent weight gain. This morning's YMCA visit set the gear in reverse.

I'm back from Europe. How did I know this? Yesterday afternoon it was revealed that the gate in the Cincy/Northern Kentucky airport being made ready for the final leg to Louisville was located adjacent to a Samuel Adams-themed establishment.

I had a Samuel Adams Boston Ale and a Winter Lager, both on draft, observing that both tasted pretty good.

The first three people to follow us to the bar heard the waitress explain the Sam Adams beers on tap, and opted instead for Bud Light. The fourth tried to order Blue Moon, which was unavailable, and then opted grudgingly for a Winter Lager.

Yep. Back home again, in brain-dead beer land.

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Spencer said...

I'm just grateful that Sam Adams is available in so many airports so I don't have to drink Bud Light (I'd be drinking Jim Beam, actually).

I am also grateful that I live in a town that supports 4 brewpubs within a 3 block radius (Ann Arbor), and where the Jolly Pumpkin brewpub sold out of 25 cases of their Lambic-style beer in less than an hour on 12/31.