Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Reach out and touch Against the Grain on the occasion of its 5th anniversary party.

Strangely, the e-mail did not generate virtual chicken feathers. Here's the story.


Against the Grain
401 E. Main Street
Louisville, KY 40202

It’s a quinquennial celebration!

Our five-year anniversary is not to be taken lightly as we’ve been planning it all these years! We’ll be opening our time capsule filled with treasure from our first year, along with, music from Tony and the Tan Lines, a giant chiquen piƱata, and more oohs and ahhs to party all night long. Everyone who is anyone is going to be there, so you might as well come too.

For more information on our anniversary party or any other happenings at Against the Grain, please reach out!

Katie Molck
Marketing & Media Maven

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