Friday, September 09, 2016

NABC all-female ownership: An admirable goal, but 100% minus 33% does not equal 100%.

It's important for NABC to keep on keeping on, and I appreciate David Kahl's article.

However, there's a small factual problem with one section of it, and it has the effect of ruining the otherwise positive vibe, at least for me.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About New Albanian Brewing Company, by David Kahl (Indiana on Tap)

NABC is 100% owned by women

NABC underwent a change of ownership lately (well, really, a change of shareholdings) when Roger Baylor left the business to run for mayor of New Albany. As he departs, the sister team of Amy Baylor and Kate Lewison assume 100% control of the company. Beer, of course, is gender neutral.

In fact, there has been no change of shareholdings.

As of today, I own 33% of the two NABC incorporations, just as I have from their inception. I've been removed as corporate officer of these entities, but have not yet been remunerated, and until this occurs, it's inaccurate to suggest that the companies are 100% female-owned -- even if I support this ultimate goal, and I do support it.

It's a buy-out ... not a donate-out, and I've contacted Indiana on Tap requesting a correction. To Mr. Kahl, my apologies. I'm sorry you were misled.

By the way, John Mahorney designed the NABC logo. Tony Beard's done it all since then, but John's design has stood the test of time.

For more, go here: The Independent.



David Kahl said...

Hi Roger,

Sorry for the inaccuracies. Honest mistakes based on what I could gather. I'll forward this to the team to update and correct.

My ultimate goal, of course, was to spread some love for NABC across the state. I hope the article did just that.


The New Albanian said...

You did and I sincerely appreciate it. During my 25 years on the job, I was the explainer-in-chief, and though never a trained journalist, I value accuracy -- as I know you do, too. Thanks for reading, and apologies if my tone was grating. The split hadn't been as simple as its hours be, alas.