Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Alltech recalls two of its ales, and the Pour Fool speaks of pumpkins.

Just the facts ... and I'm sparing readers my take on all things pumpkin, which pertains to one of the two beers being recalled, and although the Pour Fool doesn't hesitate to provide his point of view, which isn't what you might think.

The Pumpkin Beer Thing: A Short View

I could list a slew of pumpkin ales that don’t commit that most common mistake of Pie In A Glass but I’m not going to.

Now, the Alltech Bourbon Barrel Ale recall -- that's a shame.

Check your fridge: This Kentucky brewer is recalling two ales, at Business First Louisville

Alltech Inc. has recalled two of its ales because of problems with flavor and color.

The Herald-Leader reports that there are no health are safety problems with the two brews, Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale and Kentucky Pumpkin Barrel Ale. A spokeswoman for the Nicholasville-based company told the Herald Leader that "these particular batches did not meet our stringent quality standards for flavor and color."


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