Sunday, September 18, 2016

Match Cigar Bar: "A great place to get a drink and smoke a cigar."

From the Match web site.

There's always a good beer or three on tap, too. The point remains the same, whether its Angel's Envy or Scrimshaw Pilsner: To be indoors in a clean, well-lighted place, with an adult libation and a fine cigar.

Seeing as I've finally started nipping on bourbon after all these years, even better times are right around the corner -- or roughly 7 miles from my house.

Match Cigar Bar – Louisville’s Loss Is Jeffersonville’s Gain, by Michael R. Veach (Bourbon Veach)

Jeffersonville, Indiana offers a Bourbon experience that is not offered in Louisville and that is a chance to enjoy a fine selection of Bourbon whiskeys with a cigar. Louisville has placed a smoking ban across the city that does not allow its citizens to cater to those who enjoy this heavenly combination. Louisville’s loss is Jeffersonville’s gain.


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