Thursday, September 22, 2016

In case you were wondering: The story of Pogue's Run (the stream, not the beer).

You learn something every day.

While I'd assumed there was an Indianapolis watercourse to inspire the name for Flat12 Pogue's Run Porter (couldn't the brewery name be mentioned in the article?), I had no idea it ran underground.

You Can Follow a Hidden Stream Beneath Indianapolis—If You Know Where to Look, by Sarah Laskow (Atlas Obscura)

Pogue's Run makes an appearance in the best-selling novel 'Underground Airlines.'

 ... Indianapolis, Winters found, was “not the kind of city that has a lot of big, built up myths.” The White River does not define the city in the way that the Charles River defines Boston, or the Potomac defines D.C., he says. But Pogue’s Run, in its obscurity and weirdness, has in the past decade or so become a piece of history that people want to preserve and hold onto. There’s now a Pogue’s Run Grocer, a co-operatively run store, and a Pogue’s Run porter, made by a local brewery.


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