Sunday, September 11, 2016

Read about the advent of Corn King IPA.

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Time’s running out to get one of the nation’s most unique beers, by Tristan Schmid (Brewers of Indiana Guild)

Today 3 Floyds bottled a one-of-a-kind IPA that represents one of the most unique ways in the nation to support and enjoy craft beer, and time is running out for you to get it.

This morning, Corn King IPA hit 22 oz. bombers and kegs, destined for the tastebuds of IN Beer Brigade members at release parties around the state in October, the first of which will be held at 18th Street Brewing’s stunning Hammond location on Oct. 3, followed by others to be announced this week.

The only way to get Corn King IPA is by enlisting in the IN Beer Brigade. You can’t buy it at 3 Floyds or anywhere else.
Last month, 3 Floyds and Hoosier breweries from across Northwestern Indiana collaborated on the Corn King IPA brew day, mashing in locally grown corn malted by Sugar Creek Malt Co. of Lebanon, IN to create a highly sippable hoppy beer with crisp citrus notes and a smooth finish.

The 74 IBU, 7.3% ABV beer will pair excellently with a Sunday brunch or a local burger.

Enlist in the base membership level for access to buy pints of the beer at the release parties.


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