Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Top 15 posts at Potable Curmudgeon for 2015.

At #1: Seems like one hundred years ago, doesn't it?

The Potable Curmudgeon's top 15 posts for 2015 are listed here, beginning with The First Ten, followed by the The Top Five.

These rankings are determined by numbers of unique hits, as reported by Blogger. Most of the top posts pertain to local or regional stories, and this pleases me. It comes as little surprise that readership declined during the period of my absence, while I was campaigning for mayor of New Albany. Numbers began rising again in November and December.

On January 1, The Potable Curmudgeon begins its 12th year. As always, thanks for reading.



233 (tie) ... 03/30/2015

The PC: Our bedfellows are becoming stranger with each passing legislative session.

233 (tie) ... 06/09/2015

Floyd County Brewing Company (in New Albany) is getting closer to opening.

237 (tie) ... 06/06/2015

Dry-hopped Clausthaler, or Hopster from Shelton Brothers?

237 (tie) ... 03/16/2015

The PC: As I’ve been saying since 1980, alcohol is a different matter entirely.

240 ... 07/23/2015

Roger Baylor's $21 at 55 Birthday Party Fundraiser on Monday, August 3.

294 ... 02/26/2015

Media notice: Roger A. Baylor will take a leave of absence from NABC to run for mayor of New Albany.

314 ... 08/14/2015

My column in the latest Food & Dining Magazine is about Gordon Biersch.

330 ... 07/16/2015

Josh Hill departs Floyd County Brewing Company.

382 ... 01/02/2015

Indiana does Platonic Sandwich Dialogues: Is a hot dog a sandwich? Is pizza? Are tacos?

417 ... 10/17/2015

November 7 is Bluegrass Brewing Company's 22nd anniversary party.

427 ... 03/13/2015

Donum Dei's grand opening is on St. Patrick's Day -- Tuesday, March 17.

446 ... 01/17/2015

These requests from abroad, Vol. 11: "I love beer for the fact that with every breath of the world is getting better."



509 ... 03/09/2015

The PC: All about localism at the 2015 Indiana Craft Brewers Conference.

650 ... 02/02/2015

The PC: Budweiser explains the Doctrine of Trojan Geese Transubstantiation.

708 ... 12/27/2015

The whoredom of "craft": Breckenridge's Todd Usry on authenticity, first in February, then in December.

944 ... 01/01/2015

"Craft Brewers Are Running Out Of Names," clever or otherwise.

1,609 ... 01/19/2015

The PC: Ripped straight from the pages of an Onion satire: “13 white males not really so eager to discuss issues like racism and sexism.”

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