Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Let the taps speak, because the blue law's gone, and Indiana's dry Christmas Day is no more.

Unrelated to the topic at hand, but cool.

Readers, hear my confession: I completely missed it. Totally; 100%. I did not know the law had been changed.

It's about time, isn't it?

Maybe the Freedom from Religion Foundation intervened. After all, the prohibition of alcohol sales on Christmas Day was a blatant imposition of selective religious blue law on what should be secular tippling.

Indiana may be a basket case, but at least this one's finally right.

Hoosiers can buy alcohol on Christmas for the first time since Prohibition (Fox59)

The Indiana Alcohol and Tobacco Commission (ATC) announced today you can buy alcohol on Christmas.

Although many businesses are closed on Christmas, restaurants, bars, liquor stores and grocery stores that are open will be allowed to sell alcohol to you.

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