Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Top Five posts at Potable Curmudgeon for October and November, 2015.

Numero Uno.

Once again, I'm combining two months into one. Only when the mayoral election had concluded was I able to get back to beer writing, so October and November comprise one Top Five list, as always determined by numbers of unique hits, as reported by Blogger.

The list begins with No. 5, and ends with No. 1. Thanks for reading.



Akasha Brewing Company is open, so go there and check it out.


Celebrate Food & Dining: The magazine's 50th issue is on the street, and my column is inside it.


Bourbon County Yawn: There is nothing so desirable that you willingly pay your mortal enemy to have it.


Nipping and nibbling at BBC St. Matthews, Akasha and Over the 9.


November 7 is Bluegrass Brewing Company's 22nd anniversary party.

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