Thursday, July 16, 2015

Josh Hill departs Floyd County Brewing Company.

Josh Hill is good people. He worked for NABC for a very long time, and fully earned his sobriquet of "Brewery Badass." No one works harder or is more reliable, and when he had the chance to take the head brewer position at the Floyd County Brewing Company start-up just down the street, I hated to lose him -- and was delighted for him.

They all leave the nest sooner or later, I guess.

Yesterday Josh made this announcement at Facebook. It's all I know at this point, so don't ask.

I am officially leaving my position as Head Brewer at Floyd County Brewing Co. I won't go over the details of why I came to this decision, but it has been made. I want to thank everyone for their support and encouragment during this process and I apologize that things didn't turn out as expected. I'm going to take a little time to relax and collect myself and then hit the job market. Cheers!

Strange timing, indeed. FCBC has not even opened. Ironically, I learned of Josh's departure while concluding a wonderful chat with Rob Caputo, whose position at Flat12 these past months is ... shall we say, complicated?

Of course, I'm on leave of absence from NABC, and my position in my own company is ... shall we repeat, complicated?

Forks in the road seem to be numerous, and given the recent rains in Indiana, often flooded, so as everyone consults their maps, permit me to with the very best to Josh and Rob. There are many untested entities in the "craft" beer world, but these two have a great track record.


I'll settle for being mayor.

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