Thursday, July 09, 2015

Diary: Accepting serenity where I find it.

I haven't been drinking very much beer lately.

There have been the occasional gin and tonics, and a glass of red wine here and there when the mood strikes. Last summer, I found myself reaching for a dry white wine often, but this year, there has been almost none.

Brown spirits are rare with me, so bourbon hasn't been a factor.

Of course, there have been beer-capades. Lately my sweet spot seems to have returned to fundamentals, as with NABC's classic Action! Pale Ale formulation, or the times that Pilsner Urquell has returned to the taps at the Public House. Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier Marzen apparently has returned for the first time in months, so I need to get over there and have a few.

During the period of my leave of absence, during which I'm campaigning for mayor of New Albany, I've dialed back the amount of time spent observing the beer "scene." I've kept up with Indiana tidings as much as possible, because the director position at the Brewers of Indiana Guild is something I highly value.

It seems to me that an absence from narcissism, cheerleading and beer porn has been quite good for my soul. I'm drinking less beer, and enjoying it more.

Irrespective of the outcome of the election in November, I believe a corner has been turned. Maybe while I wasn't paying attention, the unthinkable happened ... and I grew up a bit. The big 55th approaches on August 3, and with it new horizons?

Who knows? It's hard to imagine me in a 100% state of Zen-like serenity, but divesting my back of a few monkeys doesn't hurt. Wish me luck.

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