Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The brewing plan at Tell City's Pour Haus.

Thanks to my friend Mark for forwarding this link. We visited the Pour Haus last fall.

Four views of the Pour Haus in Tell City.

I've always been supportive of the notion of brewing returning to a place like Tell City, and I wish these guys the very best. At the same time -- and I'll try to keep it gentle -- let's hope the brewing business plan as briefly outlined below has more nuance than we're shown here.

The "craft" beer market currently isn't in a space where new beers take over the planet (or a tri-state area) just because they're new beers. Pour Haus needs to begin brewing with the idea that they'll be selling A LOT of their own beer in-house ... and have they prepared their customers to become the vanguard? There was A LOT of mass market beer being consumed on the night of my visitlast October, and frankly, that's Tell City's reputation. It can take time.

This isn't intended to be negative, just instructive. I've lived these successes and these mistakes, and feel as though I'm in a position to offer advice. I'll be pulling for them, and will make the drive down as soon as Pour Haus's beers are flowing.

Tell City restaurant to open brewery, by David DeLong (WFIE)

After being open for just over a year, a Tell City restaurant is close to opening up a brewery.

The owner says the new beer will be available for people across the Tri-State.

Eight fermenters at the Pour Haus in Tell City are ready to go, but first the crew needs to decide what recipes they like.

“They taste pretty good,” says Co-Owner Derek Cronin.

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