Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Essential reading: "The Best Gin to Buy on a Budget."

In addition to performing a valuable public service by locating the most cost-effective gins, the author agrees with one of my recent assessments: Why drink Tanqueray when Beefeater's always a few bucks cheaper?

Previously at the PC: "From Gin Lane to the height of sophistication," now with interaction.

The Best Gin to Buy on a Budget, by Michael Dietsch (Serious Eats)

 ... Perhaps it's about making appearances. Cheap gin calls to mind images of disheveled, broken folks shambling to the flophouse. People grimace at the idea of 'bathtub gin' that wasn't poured from a beveled-glass bottle with a shiny label. So while we can happily find a good bottle of bourbon for twelve bucks or ten or even eight on sale, it's startlingly difficult to find good gin for less than $20. I know—this month, I scoured and I searched and I hunted, and I tried 15 of 'em.

Here are the best gins that'll run you less than an Andrew Jackson.

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