Tuesday, August 04, 2015

In which I took part in Louisville Beer Dot Com's 100th podcast.

I finally made it back to the Louisville Beer Dot Com podcast.

Diary: Trying to find a copy of the beer podcast, that time.

Deploying John Wurth's math, I appeared on the 12th episode, some time in late 2013. That sounds about right.

The podcast "studio" is the former BBC Main & Clay, now Goodwood taproom -- same location, but expanded a bit and now missing the previous breweriana decor. The conversion was a few months ago, but I don't get out as much these days. Goodwood's Louisville Lager remains excellent.

I'm genuinely appreciative for the opportunity to be a part of the century podcast. Follow the link to the web site, and there are directions for listening.

Episode 100: All-Stars

If a bomb went off during our podcast this week, the Louisville beer scene would be sorely lacking. This group of beer all-stars showed up for our epic 100th episode ...

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