Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Session consciousness: Welcome to the British alcohol unit.

Lew Bryson pointed to this article, and I cannot praise it enough, even though it is filled with mathematics.

I'm not a math guy, but I'm a Session Head.

Read it.

Why you still get drunk drinking “session” beers: The difference between a 4% and a 5% beer is much wider than we assume, by Joe Stange (Draft)

 ... Unfortunately—perhaps dangerously—American breweries have abused the word, even as their marketing folks have seen that session, like sex, sells. Or maybe we’re seeing a general misunderstanding of what a session ought to be, based on how our bodies process alcohol. Inevitably this leads to wider misunderstanding among drinkers—though ultimately the responsibility for smart choices rests with us and us alone.

So let’s clear this up, and maybe we can all make better choices.

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