Saturday, August 08, 2015

"Why I’m banning the C-word."

Lew Bryson passed this one along on Fb.

"This is a Brit talking about why 'craft beer' has become a largely useless term, but I wholeheartedly endorse it. Not saying I'm happy about that, but I think it's true."

I second (third?) this notion, although it won't stop me from chanting "Death to Chains," insisting on supporting independent local brewers whenever possible, and jabbing my fingers in the eyes of multinationals at every opportunity.

Ultimately, in this as in so many other discussions, it comes down to this: Information is good. The more one knows about beer, the better, and the judgment calls can be made with confidence and aplomb.

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Why I’m banning the C-word, by Tony Leonard (The Publican's Morning Advertiser)

... Debates and definitions don't stand for much in English; it is everyday usage which creates our language. Some words change or even reverse meaning; a 'hussy’ transformed from ‘housewife’ to ‘a woman of easy virtue’ over centuries. Some words just get neutured by indiscriminate overwork ('awesome', I'm looking at you!) until they collapse in sheer exhaustion and come to mean absolutely nothing at all.

Such is the case with the C-word, which is why I’m banning it!

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