Thursday, August 06, 2015

Malting barley and pelletizing hops right here in Indiana.

This is old news, but Brewers of Indiana Guild board meetings are a good way to be reminded of information worth repeating.

BIG is continuing to work with Purdue University and Indiana state government on programs to link existing educational programs and create new ones at Purdue.

This effort is tapping into growing interest among farmers in Indiana, who want to grow barley and hops. The sticking point is obvious: There must be processing facilities if the market is to grow.

Boone County, located just northwest of Indianapolis on the way to Lafayette, is emerging as the go-to locale, albeit in embryonic form.

Boone County now has a malt house called Sugar Creek Malt Co.

Sugar Creek Hops isn't only growing hops, but working on a proprietary pelletizing process.

These are separate businesses, linked only by reference to Sugar Creek, a tributary of the Wabash River that is considered one of Indiana's most scenic waterways.

There's also a Indiana Hop Growers Association.

The guild has pledged a grant toward the further expansion of Purdue programs aimed at fermentation science and other areas of study that apply to beer and brewing. With more than 100 breweries operating in Indiana, it's time to know more and grow more.

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