Sunday, February 17, 2013

Red Room redux: Welcome to genocidal grammar and tyrannical misspelling.

I never cease to be amused by the era of lunacy empowerment, and this sort of trolling seems to be happening with more frequency since last year's election, suggesting that one tormented person is responsible for multiple comments under different names.

"Manny" uses the words "shrine" and "idolized," as did the previous offended party, to whom I forwarded a prompt reply and received no response or acknowledgement. That's because the last thing he wants is dialogue ... and that's because thinking is so very hard.

"Manny" sent no e-mails, unless he botched the .com address; even dud addresses are forwarded to me for examination.

Worst of all, having selected Yelp as platform for sharing his dullardry with a mass audience, "Manny" files his one-star review under Bank Street Brewhouse, while the supposed "shrine" to which he refers is at our Grant Line location.

Yep, we're all experts now. Even when we don't know Jack Schitt.

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James Mann said...

me thinks "manny" needs to "man up" with a lil "face to face" if he is so offended by a historical display. maybe he thinks those things never really happened in the first place. after all i didn't see it on FOX news. did you? nah, you probably just made it up. you just can't trust "bolsheviks" these days. as you always say roger, "these machines kill fascist". wait a minute wasn't that woody guthrie? i'm going to check it out on the F-news so that i'll have my facts straight.