Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Gravity Head 2013: A compendium of preparatory links.

The 15th edition of Gravity Head ("Return of the Living Gravity Dead") begins on Friday morning, February 22, at NABC's Pizzeria & Public House.

Gravity Head 2013 is NABC’s 15th annual celebration of craft brewing’s biggest and brightest. Our rules for the successful enjoyment of Gravity Head apply throughout the year.

***Plan your evening and arrange transportation at the conclusion of your gravity session, or have a designated driver. We can help you call a taxi … just ask.

***Never drink beer on an empty stomach, and keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

***Listed Gravity Head selections are big beers served in small portions ONLY.

***Not all Gravity Head beers are available at the same time! Always check the boards to know what’s on tap at any given time.

***Please respect beer, and respect your beer-drinking neighbors. This is no time to reconnect with your inner Neanderthal, and there’s zero tolerance for inebriated asscappery.

The starting lineup is here: Gravity Head 2013: The starting lineup.

To vote for the 14th tap at Gravity Head 2013, go here. Noon on Thursday, February 21, 2013 is the deadline for voting.

For the complete Gravity Form program, go here, and remember that starting this year, our Daily Gravity Form program is u-print only.

Inevitable Gravity Head errata: In 2013, we have the right J. W. Lees in the wrong package.

Links to detailed listings of various Gravity Head contingents:

Sun King (Tapped Feb. 22)
FoundersFlat12 and NABC (tapped March 8)
The mystery Founders ale for Gravity Head is Bolt Cutter.

Looking ahead to next year: Schlafly will open Gravity Head 2014 with a tap takeover.

Listed selections for Gravity Head 2013 are organized by style category, not national origin, as defined by the Beer Judge Certification Program: www.bjcp.org

Happy Gravity Head from all the cast and crew at the New Albanian Brewing Company!

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