Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Here's the menu for the Garage Bar's Anti-Valentine's Day Cask Beer Dinner with NABC, on Thursday, February 14.

The old ConeSmoker art. Tony's working on a new version.

The Garage Bar's Anti-Valentine's Day Cask Beer Dinner with NABC will feature two special food pairings. Unlike a formal beer dinner, the Garage Bar's method is to make the pairings available throughout the evening. Here is the menu as relayed by Facebook.

Whether you have a Valentine, or beer is your Valentine ... Garage Bar is partnering with New Albanian Brewing Company to offer an a la carte pairing menu.

Pork Belly with citrus sorghum jus and cannellini beans will be paired with the brewery’s Cone Smoker, a smoky American Pale Ale for $20, and the Country Ham Pizza with milled tomato, blue cheese, cherries and fior di latte will be offered with the malty and slightly sweet Hoosier Daddy Cask Beer for $22.

And, if you feel like making your own menu, the regular Garage Bar menu will also be available with beer pairing suggestions! And, we have to admit Hoosier Daddy was delightful with a bit of frozen chocolate custard.

The NABC beers both will cask-conditioned versions, poured by gravity dispense: Hoosier Daddy, our "crimson & cream" ale, and a very rare appearance for ConeSmoker, at least outside the friendly confines of our own locations. This year's ConeSmoker rates among the finest ever, with the hops and smoke weaving together as never before.

Seeking some background on cask-conditioning, Garage Bar staff interviewed me last week, and my comments are here: ALL ABOUT CASK ALE WITH NABC’S ROGER BAYLOR.

The Garage Bar is located at 700 E. Market Street in Louisville. I'll be there with the missus on Valentine's Day (February 14, 2013).

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