Friday, February 15, 2013

At "Let’s Explore Anti-Local Craft Beer Unconsciousness."

Shall we?
“Art can never take the place of social action … but its task remains forever the same: to change consciousness.”
– Amos Vogel, from “Film as a Subversive Art”
When will craft beer finally change the consciousness of the American beer-drinking mainstream?”
I’m tempted to answer one question with another:
Should mainstream consciousness ever be the desired outcome for craft beer?
But let’s play it straight. Some might say that craft beer consciousness already has arrived. Craft beer’s availability is wider than ever before, and statistically, most Americans live within close proximity to a craft brewer, even if the average measurement is skewed by Michigan as compared to the Deep South.
Slowly, even this imbalance is changing, and craft beer consciousness is penetrating all geographical areas of the country.

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Rob said...

Even Deep South isnt that far off. Most Georgians, for example, live in the ATL metro area, so are close to a craft brewery.