Friday, September 24, 2010

Update of NABC's whereabouts on October 2nd: At Volksfest, not at NuLu, and the Curmudgeon parade watching.

Some weeks back, I mentioned that NABC would be teaming up with 732 Social to vend beer during next week's NuLu festival on Market Street in downtown Louisville. It's October 2, the same day as, and right around the block from, the Louisville Craft Beer Week's final marquee event, BBC's Volksfest.

However, by mutual agreement, we've decided to call off the NABC/Social pairing. The less I say about this, the better.

What it means in practical terms is this: The NuLu committee can rest happily; NABC remains an enthusiastic part of the Volksfest; and even though NABC previously decided to refrain from participating in this year's Harvest Homecoming parade in New Albany precisely because of the gig with Social that we've now decided to postpone (rest assured, we'll be doing something with them eventually), I'm freed to stage yet another parade party at the homestead.

Stay tuned for details.

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chefrjl said...

Sharing your sentiments on collaboration soon. In retrospect - wish you guys would have been a part of it. Id say "maybe next year" but honestly - I think I might go on vacation. Maybe to New Albany Ind. I hear the best Craft Beer joint in the midwest is harbored up over there. And hell - I can even ride my bike. How do you feel about young twenty somethings chugging beer next to a childrens play area - yeah - it was classy.