Thursday, September 23, 2010

LEO's "best of" this and that.

In this week's LEO are the results of the newspaper's annual "best of" poll, as voted by readers. As usual, there were many obvious instances of ballot stuffing, which might be disturbing if any of it really matters, which it does not.

Still, for the record: NABC appeared as second best beer list (behind the entirely deserving Sergio's) and second best brewery (BBC). Bank Street Brewhouse was selected as third best Southern Indiana restaurant; La Rosita's was first, and Rocky's second: The issue of the readers, by the readers, for the readers.

I usually put more stock in what the LEO's writers have to say, just because I'm like that: Writers' Choice 2010: LEO weighs in on the best of Louisville.

Thanks to Sara Havens and Phillip Bailey for their mentions on NABC and the city of New Albany.

Best former LEO beer writer? Is it any contest?

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