Saturday, September 04, 2010

Varietal, bottle-conditioned scrumpies from Thomas Family Winery.

The Thomas Family Winery in Madison, Indiana, is offering a series of classic scrumpies. Here is Steve's description.

We’ve released a long-awaited series of varietal, bottle-conditioned ciders. These are classic scrumpies, with incredible focus on varietal apple flavor. These cider cultivars are distinct and easily appreciated! Gale’s Hard Cider Chieftan’s Blend Varietal Series comes in 22 oz bottles, hand-crafted, barrel-fermented, aged 5 years.

King David - Light yeast, tart apple flavors with a spicy, floral palate, lively astringence

Golden Russet - Pear skin, ripe fruit, orange/lemon flavors, strong tannins and good acidity

Hudson’s Golden Gem - Light yeast, pear & tree aromas, spicy talc, butterscotch

Goldrush - Lemony, yeasty, minerals and sweet perfume, tart & edgy

Winter Banana - Fruity, bark & flower, ripe bananas, rich earthy tannins

$7.99 each, or $34.99 per set!

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