Thursday, September 09, 2010

Sandkerwa/Anstich guesstimate is Thursday, September 16 at the Public House & Pizzeria.

A few weeks back, I mentioned that when the Anstich kegs arrive, Sandkerwa NA can begin.

We're closer to setting the date. The Labor Day holiday interrupted the shipping schedule, but I'm now told that the gravity-pour Anstich kegs (and a few other CO2 kegs from Franconia) will be at the Pizzeria & Public House in time to begin pouring on Thursday, September 16.

The format will be the same as last year: One on Thursday, two on Friday, one on Saturday; afternoon tapping (we're about to transition pub hours again ... please check back for exact times); half-liter pours; best price I can offer and not lose money.

Once I see what came in, I can tell you what they are. Stay tuned.

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