Monday, September 20, 2010

The coming week's Anstich keg tappings are here, as Sandkerwa NA continues.

Following are this week's Anstich tappings. They'll be at 5:00 p.m. each day. Average depletion time last week was

*Thursday, September 23*
Löwenbräu-Buttenheim Kellerbier (a.k.a. Ungespundetes Lagerbier)
To describe this type of beer as an unfiltered golden lager is inadequate. Buttenheim, a small town south of Bamberg with (as I recall) a fair number of farming implements, has a better known second brewer, St. Georgenbräu. Which Kellerbier is better? Who knows?

*Friday, September 24*
Beck Bräu Lager (type unknown; cross your fingers for Kellerbier)
Familienbrauerei Beck
Beck's "family brewery" is located in Trabelsdorf, a small town within easy bicycling distance of Bamberg (to the west). The restaurant promises the gamut of Franconia fare from "beer to deer," and the brewery boasts a cavern-like lagering cellar.

*Saturday, September 25*
Hoping for: Rossdorfer Urbrau (unfiltered lager)
Near the forest known as the Franconian Switzerland (now a national park) is the village of Rossdorf am Forst and the Brauerei-Gasthaus Sauer. Bamberg lies to the north, and Buttenheim to the south. We previously served Rossdorfer Urbrau in December 2009.

The final three Anstich kegs for 2010 are queued and ready for Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Sept. 30, Oct. 1 & 2. Beginning on the 30th: Huppendorfer (Brauerei Gasser) Lager, followed by Günther-Bräu Lagerbier, then Weissenohe Monk’s Fest.

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