Saturday, October 20, 2007

New Albanian Art Show: "The Coolest Event in all of Louisville is in New Albany."

I hope that Kat doesn't mind my borrowing her words as an enticement for readers to come out and experience the New Albanian Art Show currently under way in Prost. Tonight's the final night, people.

The Coolest Event in all of Louisville is in New Albany

I am IMPRESSED. Opening night of the art show, being a Thursday, was not something I expected much of. Honestly, I enjoy the Thursdays a lot, though, because it seems to be mostly the artists there. The viewers/buyers will likely turn out more on Friday and Saturday

As for the art... so eclectic. So many styles, so much variety... so much talent. Joshua Gilley always does stuff that makes me want to be a buyer, not a seller (but I'm too broke for all that). Tony just f'n ROCKS (and I LOVE the beer labels he does for the NABC). Misty only put two pieces in, and you have to look for them because they are small and in black and white, but if you find them and absorb the energy of the strokes and the purity of what she does, you'll love her instantly. Then talk to her, and you'll see why everything she does just naturally comes out art, because she is a true work of art herself.

What really astounded me, this time around, however was the live shows. I expect some talented local songwriters and stuff, singing and strumming in the background. But I was blown away by the two who did yoga to music... right there amongst the art, these two people making a dozen works of art per minute with their bodies... it was beautiful.

And, the NABC being the accidental melting pot of talent and creativity, I come to find out one of those two performers had been a diswasher there. No surprise. That place just attracts, exhales, and breeds mental magic. From the professors that chat there, to the musicians and artists... the kitchen of that place holds more talent that all of my favorite Louisville art galleries put together.

Then Peter performed.... I will lay awake stumped over that for days. The intensity of his performance, the power, genius, and abrupt elloquence of his words, and the fun of the music just came together into something so enjoyable I had to walk away every now and then to let my brain settle down because I was too overjoyed with the experience of it to process it all. And, of course, Stephen Powell played. (see I would be a HUGE fan of his remarkable talent even if I didn't adore him as a friend. His music is unforgettable

If you want some free wine and some ok art just to say you buy local art, go on a gallery hop. If you want an unparalleled experience in the real thing, you should have been at NABC tonight. I mean no disrespect towards the local Louisville artists. I love the galleries downtown and revel in every opportunity to experience the work down there. I've seen some WONDERFUL work down there. But to see what talent was hidden in New Albany really moved me, tonight. I was proud to be a part of it

Kudos to Kevin for the organizing. I hope he didn't use up all the best performances tonight, because I don't see how the next two nights could follow it, but I have faith in New Albanian Art. It will be great, I'm sure.


Photo credit: The Curmudgeon. NABC's Tony Beard is shown next to the label art for our forthcoming V (5th Anniversary ale).

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greymattermeltingpot said...

I'm flattered you used my words, though if I'd anticipated that it would have been better written (and with far less use of the word "stuff").

Thanks for providing the space and encouraging local art!