Wednesday, October 03, 2007

New Tacos La Rosita open on Grant Line Road near NABC.

I apologize for the scattershot postings and brevity. There has simply been no time this week to write, and I remain unable to re-establish a "compositional" routine in the ongoing absence of my office computer, which is being repaired following a mother board flame-out.

Permit me to pass these good tidings to readers: The much anticipated rebirth of Tacos La Rosita, the taqueria arm of Israel Landin's sit-down Mexican eatery on Market Street in New Albany, has been launched in the new location across Grant Line Road from the New Albanian Brewing Company. It's now adjacent to the liquor store in what we've always called Grant Line Center -- across from the school, and on the same side of the street as K-Mart. We can see the banner from NABC's parking lot.

I haven't been over to check it out, but I'm told that Israel has a beer permit. Hell, we could take a keg over there on a two-wheeler, so it might yet be possible to have Israel's delicious authentic Mexican food with a Progressive Pint of Mt. Lee or Elector.

Cilantro and hops? Who needs Miller Chill?

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